Living with Diabetes Doesn’t Have to Mean Living with Erectile Dysfunction

Studies indicate that 30%-70% of men with diabetes experience erectile dysfunction and, of men with diabetes usually develop erectile dysfunction ten to fifteen years before than men who do not have diabetes. All of this is pretty dismal news for men already dealing with dietary restrictions, elevated medical costs, insulin injections, and medical insurance issues. But this does not have to be a death sentence for your sex life. Men with diabetes can and do maintain healthy sex lives.

A man’s erection requires healthy blood vessels and nerves, both of which can be affected and damaged by diabetes. To battle this, doctors often prescribe erectile medications to aid in blood flow. Unfortunately, though, many diabetics are already prescribed heart medications that often have adverse interactions with erectile medications. This is not always the case, but we must stress that you should absolutely follow your doctor’s instructions and obtain a prescription before you buy cheap Cialis or any other erectile medication. So what is the solution? Are diabetic men doomed to erectile dysfunction? Absolutely not!

You Can Be Healthy in and Out of the Bedroom

In the case of Type 2 diabetes, a simple change in diet and exercise can often make all the difference in your life. If you follow your doctor’s orders to change your lifestyle, you may be able to avoid any diabetes medication at all. If you can do this, then there will be no issue with taking erectile medication. Your doctor should have no issue with writing a prescription for you. Then, to save some money, you can buy cheap Cialis online and enjoy your sex life.

With Type 1 diabetes, you will have to take insulin regularly, and you are more likely to need other medications. However, like with Type 2, if you follow your doctor’s orders, you will lessen the need for further medication. If you maintain a healthy lifestyle, you will minimize the likelihood of having erectile dysfunction at all. Regular exercise, a healthy diet, and good use of insulin to regulate your blood sugar levels will all aid your blood flow. Healthy blood flow is key in penile health. This change in lifestyle may be all you need, but even if it is not, your doctor is more likely to be able to prescribe erectile medication for you if you are maintaining healthy habits.

So there you have it. Living with diabetes does not mean living without a healthy sex life. If your doctor determines that you need erectile medication, he will write you a prescription. You do not, then, have to go to your local pharmacist, who may not have competitive prices. If you look online, you may be able to buy cheap Cialis, saving your wallet as well as your erectile function.